Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Loving Fall

I absolutely love this time of year....The cold (but not too cold yet), all the pumpkin and fireplace smells, the cloudy gray skies, the rain..just everything about fall! I finally got all my decorations up, way later than most years I might add. Of course with all the b-days this time of year is becoming more hectic. I can't believe my little one turns one next week, and we just celebrated Kristina's 8th b-day! Of course the con to this season is having two of the three kids sick and being cranky. I'm also really excited because in a month my dad will be coming down to hunt and then my brother will join Thanksgiving week. I can't wait to have Thanksgiving with them and it will be really great to see them with the kids. Last time they saw Annika was a little over a year ago, so she wasn't even 2 yet, and they haven't even seen Connor yet! The girls are ecstatic that papa and uncle nic will be in town soon. Of course they will be in Hot Springs so that means we will be traveling down there on the weekends as much as possible but that's fine by me. I'm just really enjoying the season at the moment, and getting excited to decorate for Christmas (though all the shopping that will have to be done can wait even longer ha ha ha).