Sunday, March 1, 2009

Exciting news!

Wow! It has been way too long since I have posted anything!!! So much has happened since the last blog! Miss Annika has since turned 2 and is in the midst of potty training! We're letting her go at her own pace and it seems to be going well! So as I said in title, We have some very exciting news....We are going to be stationed in Hawaii!!!! We are nervous and excited about it. Not sure when we will be going. Mike will graduate and be commissioned in May, but will have to take his nclex exam to get his license. It will take the UA to send the state board of nursing a while to get them the proper paper work so it will probably be in June when he can take the test and then 2 weeks on top of that to get results and licensing in. Then he has to go to OBC (the army officer training) and that is 3 months long and is unaccompanied (so me and the kids can't go with him). Typically they send you to OBC before being sent to your duty station, but if the next session is to far off then they will station you first. So basically no idea when we are moving yet. We will post more when we have more to tell! Kristina is so excited about the weather since she thinks she'll be able to play outside every day lol. We're starting some research on the housing market, schools, and just what it will be like there. None of us have ever been there before so this will truly be our new adventure!