Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The real pants wearer in the family

Apparently Annika wears the pants in this family lol. Here she is in my jeans (of course her sister was kind enough to cinch the belt around her waist and roll up the pant legs lol). Just thought it was too funny not to post!

Annika is turning into a big girl

So Monday night I decided (and I'm not sure what made me decide to do this) to convert the crib to a toddler bed. We plan on getting a different bed for her in the next month or so, that way we can use the crib with Connor. While converting the crib, Annika of course had to "help" me but she was so excited about getting a "big girl bed." We are very into being a big girl at the moment. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised with how well she did! She stayed in bed all night and went right to sleep (except she did fall out once and scared herself) and wouldn't get out of bed until I walked into her room. I had put the baby gate up in her doorway just to ensure that if she got up, she couldn't get into anything but her toys. Nap time the next day went awesome as well and last night's bed time. She just simply goes right to sleep and still won't get out of her bed until I get her out. I even went in there this morning and told her she could play with toys because I wasn't ready to get her out of her room just yet, she still didn't get out of bed lol. Guess the next step in this new "big girl" adventure is to get her completely potty trained. She is doing great at peeing in the potty (well when I make her lol), so I guess I should stop being lazy and really get the ball moving! So if any of you other mom's have any great tricks let me know :D

Friday, January 16, 2009

Just an Update

Wow! Its been way too long since I've updated this site lol. I have several pictures from Christmas that I will post later. The picture posted is of Connor, he's getting so big so fast! He'll be 3 months next week already! I decided to try to feed him some rice cereal with applesauce to help fill his tummy. The child is already drinking 6 oz bottles and has been for some time. This was about the time I started feeding Annika baby food as well. I know what the books and doctors say, but I say I know my child way better then they do..I'm just not a by the book kinda mom. He seemed to really like it, although he decided it was time to smile and coo at me making the feeding take longer and a little more difficult lol. That is what the picture above is of. Of course, the minute the camera came out he stopped smiling for me and then started up again once I put it away. We had a wonderful Christmas with the family and the kids loved all their gifts. I still need to write thank you notes...fell a little behind. Well that's it for now I guess, I'm about to head to bed for the night...after a snack :) I'll post more pics later.